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Do you want to win, dust off, or enter into a lasting partnership with arguably the coolest fitness company on the globe? Then you've come to the right place. Here you will find all the information and guidelines on our current and ongoing promotions and affiliate programs:


You may have already noticed the "Support & Win" notice on our new can design. We thought that we would like to reward your efforts for quality social media content, you invest time and love in your posts and stories therefore you should also get something in return!


That's why we take a close look at every picture you take of our products, and if we like your picture so much that we repost it or use it for our online store, we'll send you a surprise package with your favorite products for free as a thank you.

What do you have to do for that?
Create a post or story on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter and most importantly link us to it so we see it.

How do you win?
Once we have seen your picture, we decide whether it is interesting for us to repost your picture or otherwise include it in our marketing. If that's the case, we write to you beforehand by private message.

What's in my surprise package?
This depends on the current stock, insofar in stock first of all the product that you have advertised in your post and a few more surprise items.


  1. This promotion is only valid for natural persons who are not already in a long-term, contractually bound partnership with us, which is already remunerated elsewhere.
  2. Images that we include in our marketing program with your consent may be used by us on all our media for an unlimited period of time.

*Action-related changes and errors excepted.

The Golden WHEY

Have you already seen our new „Discovered The Golden WHEY” in the shop? No? Then take a quick look at this. With this unique whey protein, we have created an opportunity for you to enjoy a year's supply of whey protein according to your taste in addition to an intoxicating taste.

What do you need to do?
Try the new "The Golden WHEY", post it on your Instagram or Facebook account and state in your posting the specific flavor for which you it hold If you're right, we'll throw you into the raffle. Very important: you have to tag us in your posting, otherwise we may not see it.

How do you win?
At the beginning of each quarter, i.e. every 3 months, a year's supply of whey protein will be raffled off at random among all participants who have guessed the right flavors and shared on Instagram or Facebook. published on Facebook. The winner will also be informed by private message.

What is a year's supply?
By year's supply we mean 12 cans of whey protein in the flavor of your choice. You can select the flavors depending on the current availability and we will deliver them to your home free of charge.


  1. This promotion is only valid while stocks of the product "The Golden Whey are available “ is enough, this one is limited.
  2. This promotion only applies to natural persons who are not already in a long-term, contractually bound partnership with us, which is already being remunerated elsewhere.

*Action-related changes and errors excepted.