Nutritional values & notes


Nutritional values
per100g Powder

per 3g Powder
(1 Portion)

NRV %**
Energy 302kcal / 1264kJ 9kcal / 38kJ 1%
Fat 0,00g 0,00g 0%
-of which saturated fatty acids 0,00g 0,00g 0%
Carbohydrates 64,66g 1,94g 1%
-of which sugar 0,00g 0,00g 0%
Dietary fiber 0,00g 0,00g 0%
Protein 0,00g 0,00g 0%
Salt 0,00g 0,00g 0%

*All information is subject to the usual fluctuations in natural products.
**Percentage of the recommended reference amount for an average adult (8400kj / 2000kcal) according to EU Regulation No.1169/2011.

100% GlycoPump® powder (65% glycerol)

Not recommended for children and pregnant or breastfeeding women.Keep out of the reach of children. The recommended daily intake (3g) must not be exceeded. Dietary supplements are not intended as a substitute for a balanced and varied diet and a healthy lifestyle. Storage: Store in a cool, dry and dark place.

Sales name
Dietary supplement with glycerol.