Consumption recommendation

When is the best time to drink Hydro Fuel?
An intra workout drink is enjoyed, as the name suggests, during the actual training sessions. This is also how you should handle our mineral sports drink Hydro Fuel. The contained electrolytes, vitamins and carbohydrates will be available to your body, sip for sip, exactly in the right measure at the right time.

How do I prepare Hydro Fuel?
When developing Hydro Fuel, we attached great importance to a taste that tastes pleasantly refreshing both with small amounts of liquid of 500ml and in full 1.5 liter bottles. You can therefore decide how intensely you want to enjoy your mineral drink and simply dissolve a 10g portion (approx. one measuring spoon) of Hydro Fuel in any amount of cold water.

IMPORTANT: Water-soluble minerals react quickly with moisture. What is advantageous for solubility in your glass or bottle can lead to clumping if the bag is poorly sealed. We prevent this problem with dry bags and a special formula. Nevertheless, you should always make sure to seal your pouch with as little trapped air as possible.