Consumption recommendation

When is the best time to drink L-Citrulline Dl Malate?
This semi-essential amino acid in the premium 2:1 malate ratio is perfectly suited to generate a long-lasting nitric oxide accumulation and thus a strong muscle pump. However, citrulline must first be converted to arginine for the desired effect in your body, which takes time. To use this amino acid solo, we recommend you drink it 45 minutes before training. A faster effect you achieve with the combination of citrulline and our Arginine HCL.

How do I prepare L-Citrulline?
This vegan amino acid is free of all additives such as flavors and dyes, so it has its very own slightly sour taste, which does not suit everyone. To guarantee a pleasant taste experience, you should stir one serving of 5g (about half a scoop) into 300ml of juice or a sports drink already flavored by us.