Consumption recommendation

When is the best time to drink Pump Fuel?
A pre-workout booster is generally drunk shortly before training. Our Pump Fuel was developed to achieve the maximum effect particularly quickly and can hold this up to 3 hours. Fast-acting arginine HCL in combination with vitamin B6 provide a quickly enriched nitric oxide level, which is maintained by citrulline malate for a long time. The full synergistic effect of betaine and minerals usually sets in 20-30min later. We therefore recommend you to enjoy your delicious Pump Fuel on the way to the training.

How do I prepare pump fuel?
Due to the contained osmolyte betaine HCL and the associated positive influence on your water balance, we recommend you to dissolve a 20g portion (approx. 2 scoops) in 500ml cold water. This way you get the best taste and ensure a solid fluid intake.

IMPORTANT: Like all high-dose pump boosters, Pump Fuel is prone to clumping. We try to contain this problem with dry bags and a special formula. For this reason, we have decided to package the product in an environmentally friendly mono-plastic bag, so you can try to include as little air as possible when resealing.