Creatine Flavoured

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Our UltraPure Creatine is an extremely fine and, as the name suggests, ultra-pure creatine powder. It promotes muscle building and can increase your power output for maximum loads. Classically, our Creatine comes in the tasteless variety. But there's something coming your way....

  • Extremely fine powder thanks to micronization
  • Very high purity confirmed by independent laboratory
  • Sugar free and vegan due to plant sources
  • 100 servings per can, strong price performance
  • Produced in Germany under controlled quality standards

Creatine Monohydrate

Nutritional values
(Ref. Unflavored)
per 100g Powder

per 5g Powder
(1 Portion)

NRV %**
Energy 0kcal / 0kj 0kcal / 0kj 1%
Fat 0,00g 0,00g 1%
-of which saturated fatty acids 0,00g 0,00g 1%
Carbohydrates 0,00g 0,00g 1%
-of which sugar 0,00g 0,00g 1%
Protein 0,00g 0,00g 1%
Salt 0,00g 0,00g 1%

*All information is subject to the usual fluctuations in natural products.
**Percentage of the recommended reference amount for an average adult (8400kj / 2000kcal) according to EU Regulation No.1169/2011.

Zutaten (Ref. Unflavored)
100% Kreatin Monohydrat

Keep away from children! The recommended daily intake (5g) must not be exceeded. Dietary supplements are not intended as a substitute for a balanced and varied diet and a healthy lifestyle. Storage: Store in a cool, dry and dark place.

Sales name
Food supplement with creatine.

When is the best time to drink Creatine Monohydrate?
At what time of day you take your portion of creatine does not matter much. However, we recommend a continuous intake every day, even on non-training days.

Most athletes consume their creatine in their pre- or postworkout shake, as the unflavored version tastes best that way. With our new flavors, this is no longer necessary.

How do I prepare Creatine Monohydrate?
Creatine by its natural nature can not, or only very slowly, dissolve in water. Our Creatine UltraPure is nevertheless so finely micronized that it appears to you that it would dissolve.

Therefore, stir 5g of Creatine into 300ml of ice cold water and drink it immediately, you won't notice a sandy feeling like you do with other creatine powders.

You can find Creatine Monohydrate inspiration and ideas here:

Creatine mystery or science?

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Basierend auf 30 Bewertungen Eine Rezension schreiben

Strong power output
It has been proven that daily consumption of creatine monohydrate can significantly increase rapid strength performance

100% Vegan

Our Creatine Monohydrate is purely synthetic and is therefore suitable for vegan, kosher and halal lifestyle.

Made in Germany

Made in Germany
We produce in our own production under controlled quality standards, with the latest technology and specialized know-how.

It's been a long time since you set up a PR?

Reorder Creatine Monohydrate now.


Performance enhancement with taste

Iron Brothers Creatine Flavoured - Wild Berry Geschmack - Ultra Pure Creatine Monohydrare in 3 Leckeren Geschmacksrichtungen
Iron Brothers Creatine Flavoured - Honey Melon Geschmack - Ultra Pure Creatine Monohydrare in 3 Leckeren Geschmacksrichtungen


Strong energy reserves


Hervorragende Löslichkeit

Iron Brothers Creatine Flavoured - Mango Maracuja Geschmack - Ultra Pure Creatine Monohydrare in 3 Leckeren Geschmacksrichtungen
Iron Brothers Wissenschaftler und Lebensmitteltechniker für maximale Qualität und Reinheit nach deutschen Standarts


From expert hands

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions about Creatine Monohydrate

No, this is a widely held misconception, because when your creatine stores are full, excess creatine is excreted. An overdose caused by loading phases can also lead to diarrhea and nausea.

Never. This myth is more widespread than you think, where it comes from we can only speculate. Creatine has no influence on hormonally induced hair loss.

Absolutely! And you're guaranteed to have taken it through your diet. Creatine is found in many all-natural foods, and additional supplementation has many benefits for women as well.

Many competitive athletes combine neutral creatine powder with their post workout shake, while others enjoy our delicious flavored creatine with their breakfast. You won't notice a particular advantage by choosing the time of day.

Yep, completely vegan and not only that, our creatine monohydrate is also, Halal and Kosher and therefore fits just about any lifestyle.

No. A large number of studies have failed to show any evidence of harmful side effects caused by creatine monohydrate supplementation. However, an overdose can have a laxative effect.