WHEY Protein - 500g Beutel

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It's not just a bag of Whey Protein - no, it's much more than that! This 500g bag takes the pain out of choosing and gives you the convenient freedom to enjoy a different flavor every day without filling an entire pantry with our cans.

Heartfelt: Not only you need a lot of storage space for the cans, but also the shipping companies & logistics centers, which ensure that this packaging first arrives at us and later at you. This leads to significantly higher environmental impact compared to space-saving alternatives like these pouches. Therefore, the 500g bag of Whey Protein itself and the fact that we use an innovative mono-plastic material leads to a significantly smaller environmental footprint.

If you are interested in the topic of packaging as an environmental factor, you can find a detailed report on our measures in our blog.

  • The most popular protein powder in a convenient 500g bag
  • Incredibly tasty, even without added sugar
  • Excellent consistency, even in water
  • 20 servings including measuring spoon
  • 60% less packaging waste
  • Significantly smaller ecological footprint
  • Made in Hesse - German own production!

WHEY Protein

Nutritional values
(Ref. Cookie Dough)
per 100g Powder

per 30g Powder
(1 Portion)

NRV %**
Energy 391kcal / 1644kj 118kcal / 494kj 6%
Fat 7,09g 2,17g 3%
-of which saturated fatty acids 5,08g 1,55g 8%
Carbohydrates 6,57g 2,03g 1%
-of which sugar 6,57g 2,03g 2%
Protein 74,23g 22,27g 45%
Salt 1,81g 0,54g 9%

*All information is subject to the usual fluctuations in natural products.
**Percentage of the recommended reference amount for an average adult (8400kj / 2000kcal) according to EU Regulation No.1169/2011.

Ingredients (Ref. Cookie Dough)
Ultrafiltered whey protein concentrate, vegetable MCT fat powder (coconut oil), flavoring, sweetener (sucralose), coloring (caramel), emulsifier (sunflower lecithin).

Store out of the reach of children. The recommended daily consumption (30g) must not be exceeded. Dietary supplements are not intended as a substitute for a balanced and varied diet and a healthy lifestyle. Storage: Store in a cool, dry and dark place.

Sales name
Whey protein concentrate with sweetener.

When is the best time to drink my WHEY?
WHEY Protein is basically not necessarily to be seen as a "food supplement" from a nutritional point of view. A serving of WHEY is a complete source of protein, such as a piece of meat or a bowl of legumes would be. Therefore, you can also replace these sources with a WHEY shake. Whey protein is absorbed very quickly by your body, so many athletes use the shake most often after training.

How do I prepare my WHEY?
The beauty of WHEY protein powder is that it is incredibly versatile. You can dissolve 30g of powder in 300ml of water or milk, and enjoy a mega-creamy, delicious shake. You can also try refined high protein & low carb recipes, such as pancakes, porridge or cottage cheese dishes.

Here you will find inspiration and ideas for your new WHEY:

Protein Waffles
OAT 'N' WHEY Muffins

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High Protein

High Protein
Rich in high quality whey protein from happy cows and an excellent amino acid profile for faster recovery.

Lecker & Gesund

Delicious & Healthy
Developed with love and using organic certified ingredients to get you healthy and delicious, closer and closer to your goals.

Made in Germany

Made in Germany
We produce in our own production under controlled quality standards, with the latest technology and specialized know-how.

Fancy a milkshake feeling?

Enjoy our delicious low carb WHEY.


Perfect taste!

Iron Brothers Stracciatella Icedream Whey Protein Molke Eiweiß Serviervorschlag mit Eiscreme und Schokoraspeln für Muskelaufbau und Diät
Whey Protein Shake mit unltrafiltriertem molkeprotein konzentrat für fitness training

Protein source

Muscles through whey


From expert hands

Iron Brothers Wissenschaftler und Lebensmitteltechniker für maximale Qualität und Reinheit nach deutschen Standarts

Frequently Asked Questions

Whey Protein Frequently Asked Questions

Our recipe comes completely without the addition of sugar. What we can not prevent, however, is the naturally contained milk sugar (lactose). This is always included with about 2g per serving.

Some athletes demand so much from their bodies during intense workouts that their glycogen stores, i.e. sugar reserves, are almost depleted. For this reason, they turn to quickly available carbohydrates such as dextrose or maltodextrin to replenish these reserves.

In the meantime, most athletes drink their protein shakes only with water, so we have optimized our Whey Protein in this respect and created a wonderfully pleasant creamy mouthfeel even in water.

If you experience severe bloating after consuming whey proteins, there is a possibility of mild lactose intolerance. In this case, you can resort to lactate tablets or another protein source.

Yes, we have managed to create a stracciatella protein with a dark, defatted chocolate, which has plenty of real chocolate pieces for you despite its impressive nutritional values. This makes quark dishes, yogurts and other desserts incredibly delicious and you can enjoy them even during your diet.

Many manufacturers rely on soy lecithin for better solubility, which is perceived as negative by many athletes due to its presumed hormonal effect. Therefore, we rely on a high-quality sunflower lecithin variant that you can enjoy without hesitation.